Seconds Sale Farmhouse Perpetual Calendar
Seconds Sale Farmhouse Perpetual Calendar

Seconds Sale Farmhouse Perpetual Calendar

Restyled Rustic Design

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Farmhouse Perpetual Calendar. 
seconds sale- this one has a few scoring imperfections as this was the first one made. Discounted due to imperfections. 
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Dimensions: Approximately 11.25 x 17 
Solid Pine Wood 

  • Barnwood Background
  • numbers are made of acrylic and are engraved. 
    Months and shelves are made out of high quality plywood for a lasting effect. Slide the months and dates into the shelves! 

This base sign is crafted from 100% solid white wood pine (3/4” thick). Each wood plank is hand-selected for its unique grain, knots, and “natural imperfections” which add to the beauty, charm, and character of each piece.

All of our signs are lightly sanded, hand stained, and hand painted. The wood underneath the paint may show through slightly in some places. They are also sealed with a clear wax finish to preserve them. These are not meant for outdoor use.

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All signs are assembled and designed from 100% wood. Signs will vary in color and texture. Additionally, all pieces are hand stained and painted by brush, and as a result, there may be slight variations from one piece to the next. There are beautiful knots, cracks, nicks, and holes that are untouched to preserve each piece of wood's natural character. This means that each sign is unique and one of a kind.